What You Can Achieve from this Interior Design Course

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Open the door to a world of opportunity

A full or part-time career in interior design offers one of the few remaining opportunities for individual freedom, self-expression and financial gain. It’s also a lot of fun and can lead to varying degrees of fame and fortune.

This interior design course gives you the opportunity of being your own boss and working from home. With a home office and low overheads you can start as a self-employed interior designer and build your business and reputation project by project. You may choose to find work in a larger design company, where you can develop your professional contacts, gain a greater sense of self-confidence and build a following of satisfied clients.

Work opportunities for trained interior designers are everywhere. You can operate your own business, work freelance or seek assignments in design or architectural consultancies, in department and furniture stores, hotel and restaurant chains, antique dealers, furniture and textile manufacturers, as well as in display and merchandising. If you prefer a sales career, selling or working with furniture, carpets, wallpapers or any related field, your training will prove of great benefit.

Using the knowledge and skills you’ll acquire through this online interior design course, you may also choose to turn your own home into a showcase of your talent, with your surrounds being a live portfolio of your design ability. It would also assist anyone looking to do their own home renovation. With experience, your commissions can eventually vary from designing residential interiors, to interiors of large public buildings like galleries, exhibitions and trade shows, or commercial interiors like offices, retail spaces and holiday rental apartments, or hospitality interiors for cafes, restaurants and bars. Remember, the interior designer is even needed to design film and television sets. Perhaps this might be you.

Experience work freedom

Interior design is one of the few professions that does not discriminate in any way. You can be any age, sex, race or religion and become a successful interior designer. You can work from home or office. To a large degree you can choose your own hours and the nature of the work you accept.

This craft does not demand a university degree or other academic qualifications. Once you know what the industry requires, you have a highly marketable skill.

This online interior design course will show you how to navigate the interior design industry. At the end of this course, you will have the necessary training and skills to successfully handle virtually any assignment. You will have an insider’s knowledge of what the market requires and how to go about providing it.

By definition you become a professional interior designer with your first paid assignment. You’ll find that interior design is an adventure, limited only by your own imagination and flair – qualities which will be further developed throughout this course.

Be prepared for one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life!


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