Interior Design Course Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions of Enrolment on Professional Interior Design Course

It is mutually agreed:

1. The British College of Interior Design reserves the right to decline this application in which case all monies if deducted, will be immediately refunded.

2. Course fees and deposits are not refundable other than upon the terms and conditions herein described.

3. If my application for enrolment in this course is accepted by the College, I undertake to make the full payment of course fees as prescribed by the payment option I have selected. I authorise the College to reattempt any declined payment periodically.

4. If requesting a payment plan option, I agree that the first instalment is due seven days after the course starting date.

5. I agree to provide the college with 2 business days’ notice should I wish to change an upcoming payment schedule date.

6. At the successful conclusion of this course, I will receive my Diploma of Professional Interior Design from the British College of Interior Design.

7. The course must be completed within a period of 12 months of the commencement date.

8. If in the opinion of the examining board the diploma should be withheld, the course will be extended at no cost for a further period of tuition determined by my tutor.

9. If, after a further period of tuition, the examining board determines that the diploma should be withheld, course fees will be refunded in full.

10. It is agreed that students must complete the course within the specified period and demonstrate a reasonable degree of effort throughout to be eligible for refunds (excluding seven-day refund guarantee in point 11).

11. To take advantage of the seven-day refund guarantee, the College must receive your request to withdraw in email within seven days of the course commencement date. No exceptions.

12. 7-Day refunds must be processed back onto the same card that the original payment was processed from. 

13. Additional fees will apply to extend the course completion period beyond the 12 months provided.

14. Students may extend for a maximum of two extension periods of six months.

15. Extensions must be applied for within 4 weeks of course completion expiry.

16. As with all adult and continuing education, the onus is on the student to seek assistance as required whilst undertaking the course.

17. Please consider your enrolment with care; refunds of fees are not possible except under the terms and conditions described herein.

It is mutually agreed that the decision of the British College of Interior Design is final and upon the refund of course fees if any, the College has no further liability or obligation.

All prices are in GB Pounds.

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