Patrizia L

Patrizia L

The course has changed me from someone with no experience into a fully trained interior designer.

I have always had a knack for interior design. All of my friends kept telling me to convert my passion into a business, so when I found The Professional Interior Design Course, I jumped for it!

The tutorials were not only enjoyable to read, but they provided really useful and interesting information. I’ve printed out all the 12 units and created a great reference book which I’m sure will be a big help in the future as an interior designer. The course has changed me from someone with no experience into a fully trained interior designer.

I work as a full-time high school teacher in Italy, and I was apprehensive that the course would have been too hard to follow, but being entirely online and self-paced, I set my own schedule and deadlines as I moved through the content. I got so passionate that I managed to finish in six months!

What I liked most about the course was the “hands on” experience. The tutorials take you through the whole process of setting up and running a freelance interior design business. Another area I found challenging is Home Staging which made me understand how to decorate a space in a flattering way. I’d really like to pursue a career in this area.

My tutor was great, helpful and had amazing ideas on how I could improve my work. All his feedback, received within a few days, was full of incredible advice and past experience examples.

I have learnt so much, especially that interior designers are good listeners who help clients bring their ideas and visions to life. This advice was really useful in my final assignment, which was based on a “real project” and which I followed from scratch.

As I really miss doing my assignments, I’ve started an AutoCad course to improve my drafting skills and I’m currently helping an architect produce sample boards for her clients. Hopefully, the latter will help me create a portfolio that showcases my designs and projects.

I wanted to thank all the BCID very helpful team who have always answered my questions and doubts promptly in a very professional way.

I recommend anyone to follow this course if they are interested in pursuing a career in Interior Design.


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