Irma S

Irma S

I am working towards materialising my dream of designing beautiful, functional spaces and bringing satisfied smiles to people’s faces.

Since childhood, my eyes have been looking for designs and my hands have been searching for creative work. When my father was building our bungalow, the structural layouts were of my utmost interest. I used to sit beside him and the architect, with rapt attention and fascination. When I reached the 11th grade, engineering drawing was my favourite subject. But then, things didn’t pan out the way I had planned. I steered off architecture and design.

Eight years ago, I moved into a new apartment with my family that needed serious renovations. I gave it a makeover from the roots to the top, with particular focus on the kitchen. It was tiny but I provided it with a modern look and abundant storage space. Recently we moved into a larger space where I put my creative skills to work and changed the aura of the house. It’s our dream home now. Having designed our two homes beautifully, I thought of getting the same satisfaction for other people’s lives and homes.

During the lockdown, I realised that I could use my extra time constructively and hence my passion for interior design got rekindled. I decided to pursue an interior designing course and gain professional knowledge to enhance my skills into a career. I researched and asked around. Being influenced and amazed by the British architecture and design culture, I chose The Professional Interior Design Course. The flexibility of the course and submissions were the factors that drew me in. Thus, my journey to be an interior designer began.

The course has taught me how to draw one point perspective and floor plans and how to interact with the client on the first meeting until the completion of the project. This made learning interior design very realistic. The tutorials are comprehensive, with lots of references and links to learn from, with detailed aspects of interior design. I learnt subjects that I was never aware of, such as eco-friendly sustainable designs, which I would like to make my USP because I am a strong believer in saving our natural resources.

The entire team of BCID has been extremely helpful and prompt with all my frivolous doubts. My tutor shared his work experience and knowledge, which enriched my learning. His feedback encouraged me to improve each time. With each assignment, my willpower grew stronger, and my confidence increased. I thoroughly enjoyed doing all the assignments. Though there are no due dates for the return of assignments, my timely submissions enabled me to complete the course in just four months.

I highly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to improve their creative skills in interior design. It is indeed worth every penny, and trust me, it is an investment in yourself. This wonderful experience has made me a firm believer in the quote by Jeff Keller. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

After gaining knowledge and confidence, I feel very proud to graduate from the BCID. I am working towards materialising my dream of designing beautiful, functional spaces and bringing satisfied smiles to people’s faces. Soon, I envision myself working as a full-time online design consultant as BCID has prepared me to work remotely with professionalism.


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