Omobolaji K

Omobolaji K

The course has enabled me to rebrand and launch my interior design consultancy, Obion Décor Connoisseur, and set up a show room in Lagos, Nigeria.

Growing up, I had always been fascinated with rooms that I felt were beautifully decorated and colour-coordinated. I remember getting into trouble on several occasions as a child because I would re-arrange my parents’ furniture to make it to look a certain way and have a certain look and feel. I never knew what interior design was back then, but I knew early on that I had a creative mindset and a passion for art and creative design.

Over the years, my passion for creating stylish and well-coordinated spaces has grown enormously and I began receiving recognition from friends and family. This ultimately led to them requesting that I help renovate or redecorate their houses whilst referring me to other clients.

Having affirmed my thirst for the interior design world, I felt the need to educate myself officially and get exposed to other spheres of the interior design industry while also building my confidence as an interior designer.

Enrolling in the British College of Interior Design’s Professional Interior Design Couse has allowed me to accomplish this objective. The tutorials and information provided were both eye-opening and enriching. I never knew the sheer volume of work and expertise that goes into being an interior designer and I might not have known this if not for studying the course.

My tutor and the faculty team were exceptionally supportive and always ready to assist to facilitate the attainment of my set targets despite my extremely tight schedules. The comprehensive feedback received from my tutor on my assignments reinforced my decision to embark on a career as an interior designer. It also equipped me with better insight into areas I needed more experience and provided me with varied perspectives.

Successfully completing the course and being the proud holder of the British College of Interior Design’s prestigious certification, I have gained immense confidence to work alongside other notable design professionals on several other residential/corporate projects.

The course has enabled me to rebrand and launch my interior design consultancy, Obion Décor Connoisseur, and set up a showroom in Lagos, Nigeria. It has also enhanced my styling techniques and given me a better understanding of space management/coordination - all of which have tremendously contributed to an increase in sales for my company. I am currently fine-tuning plans to extend Obion Décor Connoisseurs to other states in my country and possibly become a global brand. With a diploma and all that I have gained from the course, I am assured that I have all I need to succeed in my chosen field.


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