Nichola H

Nichola H

My first client knew I was a beginner and he was so impressed with my level of professionalism and detail that he is now a repeat customer.

I found The Professional Interior Design Course by The British College of Interior Design to be thoroughly stimulating, interesting, very well written and engaging right from the start.

Raising three small children at the time, I really looked forward to my ‘me time’, working through each tutorial and receiving the feedback from my tutor. The feedback was always constructive and helpful but also positive, which I loved.

I found each tutorial was just the right length, not too long, so I could fit reading through them in the evenings/at weekends or whilst the children were at pre-school which meant that it didn’t become overwhelming whilst juggling lots of other things.

I loved the insights from actual designers throughout the course and the practical tasks to help you apply the knowledge as you acquired it, to really gain a sense of how it works day to day. As a complete novice, this was invaluable.

Having more of a hands-on learning style, I was concerned I would find it difficult studying online, but each assignment at the end of each tutorial incorporated everything in a clear way. The College staff were also so responsive if I had any questions or worries at all, making me feel really supported.

I also really liked that sometimes the assignments pushed me out of my comfort zone. Having been a full-time mum for a few years and a bit rusty getting back into the workforce, I was terrified at the idea of approaching potential clients and starting a business from scratch. Doing the course gave me a surge of confidence and belief that it was all possible.

I was so enthused after completing the course, I took the leap and opened my own interior design business. I knew exactly what I needed to do because of the course. I was armed with the confidence and drive to get started, knowing that I had a qualification behind me.

The tutorials are cleverly constructed, guiding you through the education behind interior design practice as well as providing the hands-on knowledge on how to run an interior design business which has been invaluable. I had a bank of templates to use which I have since developed and amended since establishing my business. My first client knew I was a beginner and he was so impressed with my level of professionalism and detail that he is now a repeat customer.

I started my business in 2017 and I haven’t been without a client since. It hasn’t always been easy, but if you read your market, do your research, you will find there is a large amount of work to be had. Word of mouth was how I managed at the outset and now it has grown into its own.

I thoroughly recommend this course. If I can do it, you definitely can! Good luck!


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