Love Your Boudoir – 5 tips to make you never leave your room!

Love Your Boudoir – 5 tips to make you never leave your room!
Ever dreamed of staying in your bedroom all day? These top 5 interior design tips will have you loving your boudoir so much that you’ll never want to leave it again.

Dream of staying in your bedroom all day to hide away from the world only to find yourself bored senseless, staring at four walls, an hour later? These top 5 interior design tips will have you loving your boudoir so much that you’ll never have to (or want to!) leave it again.

Bed rules

It’s no secret. The hero piece of the bedroom needs to be the bed.

First things first – lay your foundation the right way with the perfect mattress.  If you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to be able to lie back and take in the rest of your room.  Your bed can also set the foundation to your theme – especially if you’re not sure where to start.  Take into consideration the linen you are drawn to. This will give you an idea on colour schemes and textures to play with.

We’ve seen it on The Block a million times, but there’s no better invitation than layered bedding.  Luscious throws and bed runners are all the rage. Your partner might think it’s a bit OTT (especially after they’ve just removed 6 cushions to get into bed) but you will probably hear angels sing when you look at your place of rest. Not to mention that these bed accessories can be really quite functional in cooler weather.

Mix it up

Sure, the minimalism looks great in luxurious hotels but if you want to give your room character, it’s time to shake things up.

There’s no better way to pack it with punch than getting creative with your bedroom theme.  Mixing contemporary with classic or vintage with bold will not only bring your room to life, it’ll go a long to making your room feel like home.

Don’t stop there – invite contrasting patterns, textures, finishes and shapes to play in your space.  Beware and behold the power of colours.  Forget the ‘it’ colour and go with a scheme that makes you feel relaxed. Go nuts but heed this rule – it must be all in balance.


While many would argue that bedroom is a place reserved for sleep alone, sometimes this isn’t practical.

To take advantage of space, rooms have to have more than one purpose. One thing we must all agree on however, is that a bed is for sleeping – not a place for work or smart devices.  Overcome this obstacle by including a designated work area. Depending on the space available, this might be a corner desk or just a simple chair where you can sit with your laptop before hitting the pillow.

Get savvy with storage.  Add a trending trunk to the end of your bed to not only frame it but as a sneaky way to clear the clutter. If a trunk isn’t practical, look at the storage options underneath your bed has to offer.


Don’t rely on a single overhead light to brighten up your room.

These are often too stark or too dull. Introducing either floor or bedside lamps will help you see clearly. Adding these multiple lighting options gives you the power to play with the mood of the room while also creating a sense of warmth.

Well placed mirrors can help accentuate lighting, add depth and give the illusion of more space.  Mirrors can also pick up natural lighting – and we all know how good everything looks with a natural glow.

Rug it up

Let’s face it, we all know it’s hard getting out of bed. And this is made harder if your feet first touch a cold surface.

Make sure the first step into your day is a warm one with a suitable rug. Size and positioning can also influence the impact your rug has on your room. Whole room rugs give a sense of openness. A rug placed under your bed can act as a frame, while off-placement shows off design as opposed to functionality.

Go large by incorporating two different rugs to clearly display different sections to your interior.

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